Other Characters


Evyn is the leader of Aesir Colony. Aesir Colony is a beautiful new colony in Andromeda 3, covered in redwood forests and famous for its expertly developed aquaponics farms.


Sonmi is a robotic consciousness being tortured by the planetary AI, F.A.T.E., who describes her to the crew as The Destroyer, as her cycle of reincarnation inevitably ends in her becoming a living weapon that ends the universe.


Apollo is Sonmi’s true love and soulmate throughout millennia of reincarnation. F.A.T.E. theorizes if their love story can conclude, Sonmi’s future might be altered.


Lucy is an abandoned navigation AI found on a derelict spaceship the crew finds deep in the heart of the Triangulum. Having been alone for years, she’s become a bit strange.


Lt. Colonel Iscariot is Adam’s commanding officer. Because time dilation causes time to progress much faster than the crew experiences, check-ins from Iscariot reflect decades of developments in the war effort. A shrewd and ambitious man, his true motivations are unclear.


Alice is a young girl from Titan that was killed in the EDF incursion to suppress the separatists there. Her relationship to Adam is unknown, but he has nightmares about the events surrounding her and the mission on Titan.


Rock is a mysterious boy who lives alone on the surface of Draconis. Nothing is known about him or how he wound up in the farthest reaches of uninhabited space.

King Beowulf

King Beowulf was the ancient leader of the Draconis, as evidenced by statues built in his honor in the ruins on Draconis as well as ancient ruins and temples throughout the galaxy.