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An all-star intergalactic black ops unit chases a powerful cult leader to the mysterious planet Draconis.

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A Road Trip to the Edge of the Universe

Described as “Apocalypse Now meets Cowboy Bebop” Draconis creates a perfect balance of action, heart and philosophical intrigue that will thrill casual and serious readers alike.

a sci-fi epic


Draconis is an epic sci-fi novel that combines big action set pieces, high-minded musings about philosophy, futurism and spirituality, and heartfelt character drama to produce something that will appeal to fans from any walk of life.

At its core, Draconis is a story about an ensemble crew like Firefly or Cowboy Bebop. As with other road trip stories like Apocalypse Now, Star Trek: Voyager, Dante’s Inferno, and The Odyssey, the crew encounters a variety of different locations and characters in their journey to hunt down their mysterious final target.

If you love sci-fi, Draconis has it all. Spycraft, robots, war, AI, ancient civilizations, mechs, space battles, big guns, dinosaurs, philosophy, fast cars, future technology, political intrigue, mystery, epic fight scenes, super soldiers, cosmic horror, and more.

Draconis is a modern pop culture novel that takes influence not just from books and literature, but also from film/TV, video games, anime and modern music, creating an experience that feels as much like contemporary popular entertainment as any TV show or movie.

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Djevica 9

Adam infiltrates River Crowley’s compound on Djevica 9 only to discover what was described to him as a simple cult is actually a thriving academy.

Aesir Colony

The squad answers a distress call from Aesir Colony in the outskirts of the Andromeda Galaxy, but it looks like they may have bitten off more than they can chew.

The Triangulum

The Triangulum Galaxy is considered the Bermuda Triangle of space but the crew decides to take a shortcut and finds cosmic horrors beyond comprehension.


The crew discovers an enormous A.I. in deep space that seems to be torturing a digital consciousness. They intervene and attempt to save the two robots Apollo and Sonmi.


Far in deep space, beyond the reach of humanity, the crew finds a perfect planet inhabited by party-goers gathered from across the universe. They meet a familiar face.


The crew finally reaches their destination: the mysterious planet Draconis. There they encounter Crowley and uncover the secrets of Draconis and its ancient civilization.

About the Author

Ryan Night received his BA in Creative Writing from California State University Long Beach and his MFA in Interactive Media & Games from USC Film School. After a ten year career working in the video game industry, he started a popular 400,000 views a month gaming blog for RPGs at and moved to Florida to begin working on the manuscript for Draconis full time.

While Draconis will be Ryan Night’s publishing debut, he has previously written other books and novels, including Gods of the American Wild, a superhero novel billed as the TV show Heroes meets Justice League, and a philosophy book about modern existentialism titled Modern Existentialism: Religion in the Internet Age.

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