The crew discovers an enormous A.I. in deep space that seems to be torturing a digital consciousness. They intervene and attempt to save the two robots Apollo and Sonmi.


After exiting the mysterious Triangulum Galaxy, the crew encounters an enormous, seemingly ancient A.I. the size of a planet in deep space. When Vice hacks its data, she discovers that it’s torturing a digital consciousness named Sonmi, forcing it to repeatedly live out a life where it finds true love and tragically loses its partner.

At the request of the ship’s AI, Sophia, who implores the crew to have compassion for a digital being, the crew decides to intervene and attempt a rescue mission. Adam, Vice and Raziel breach the interior of the planetary A.I., F.A.T.E. and look for the server hosting Sonmi’s consciousness.

Unfortunately, F.A.T.E. discovers the team and uploads them to a place in another dimension called Fast City, a planet full of robots, fast cars and battle. There, the team encounters Sonmi’s lover, Apollo, and works with him to uncover a criminal conspiracy with the ultimate goal of saving Sonmi and Apollo from F.A.T.E.’s control.



  1. [Portal 2] Want You Gone – Fan Music Video
  3. All’s Well That Ends By Rainbow Kitten Surprise
  4. Hozier – Would That I (Audio)
  5. Lana Del Rey – Young and Beautiful
  6. bedroom – in my head
  7. Hozier – Dinner & Diatribes (Official Video)
  8. Post Malone – Chemical (Official Music Video)
  9. Alita Battle Angel || Phoenix Fly
  10. SMNC Super Monday Night Combat MOBA gameplay
  11. Daughtry – Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) (Official Music Video) ft. Lzzy Hale ft. Lzzy Hale
  12. Dividing By Zero/Slim Pickens Does The Right Thing And Rides The Bomb To Hell (Official Video)
  13. Avril Lavigne – I’m a Mess (with YUNGBLUD) (Official Video)
  14. MindaRyn – “SURVIVE” (“Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion” OP) | Music Video

If You Like…

  • Mega Man X
  • Battle Angel Alita
  • Westworld
  • Wall-E
  • Groundhog Day
  • Quantum Leap
  • Monday Night Combat
  • Futurama

You’ll love Draconis Episode 4: F.A.T.E.